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Through Site Settings, you can configure most of the common values used throughout the site. Users will be able to select these values from their respective lists/dropdown menus.


The administrative team is also able to update many of the automated functions of mye-coach, including the session reminder, the auto close and the auto archive: 

Session Reminder Emails 
This defaults to 5 days before the start date of the session. The automated task is set to run every day at midnight and will inform all programme participants who have a session due in X days time. 

Close after X days 
mye-coach performs some 'housekeeping' on programmes that have not been manually closed. The administrative team can change how long it takes for a programme to be automatically closed once all activity has been completed (i.e. all session dates have past) 

The option here currently defaults to 10. 

Archive after X days 
Although a programme may be closed, the programme participants may still make amendments to the programme, this is useful for cases where they still might want to upload some of the notes or resources used during the programme's lifetime. When a programme is archived, it is no longer editable. 

Auto archiving is the final piece of maintenance to ensure all programme data and statistics are locked to prevent further editing. Auto archiving will archive programmes that have been marked as 'closed' for X amount of days. This defaults to 30 days. 

Please note, archiving will only ever occur on programmes that are closed

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