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You will need to gain approval from your Sponsor and / or administration team before your Request for Development can be accepted.

A Sponsor is someone who is supporting your Request for Development; this is usually your Line Manager.

When you submit your Request, the system will automatically send an email to your Sponsor who will be asked to confirm that you have approval for Development. 

To make a Request for coaching, complete the Request Details, Sponsor Details and Request Description boxes as shown, including your programme goal topics. 

Please be as specific as possible with the information you provide. If you intend to use an Independent Mentor then you must ensure you have the budget authorisation to cover any costs that may be incurred. Note that anything you complete in the request details field is also visible by Champions and system Administrators. 

Once the Sponsor has approved your Request the details will be reviewed by the Administration Team and they will inform you whether your Request has been Accepted or Declined. 

Once Accepted you will then be able to select a suitable person and start your Development Programme. 

If Declined then you will be informed of the reason. 

Please be aware that you may experience issues if you are using an older version of Internet Explorer. Should problems occur, please try accessing via an alternative mobile device (eg: smartphone/tablet etc). 

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