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Before you are involved in a programme you are required to create and send a Request for approval by your administration team. Your Request will go through several different stages before a programme is created for you.

Only you can see the Request details at this point.

Pending Sponsor Approval
You have submitted the Request for approval, which initially must be confirmed by a Sponsor. 

Pending Approval
Your Request is currently with the administration team who will review the Request and either approve or decline it. 

Once you have an approved Request, you will be able to search and select Coaches/Mentors for your Programme.

Approval Declined
You are required to review the reasons why your Request was declined and re-submit for review. 

Awaiting Match
You have nominated a Coach/Mentor, who has been notified and will be reviewing your Request. 

Your selected Coach/Mentor has accepted the Request. 

Match Declined 
Your selected Coach/Mentor has chosen not to accept the Request. In order to progress your Request you will need to select another Coach/Mentor.

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