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Users are able to add extra resources to the mye-coach system. They can either be added to 'Central Resources' or 'My Resources'. 

These Central Resources have the following attributes: 
- Resource name;
- Resource type;
- Resource summary; 
- Topic;
- Visibility;
- File or URL to file

You can choose to either upload a file or add in the URL to a file that is to be externally hosted.  

A topic is needed to identify the tag to add to the resource which allows for smarter indexing and sorting. It also helps to idenitfy similar and related resources. 

NB: There is currently a maximum upload file size of 10mb for Resource uploads. There is no limit as to the number of files that can be uploaded to Resources but a fair usage limit will apply to the storage space.  
When a new Resource is added to the Central Resources, an email is sent to: 

Administrators with ‘Central Resources updated alert’ notification enabled

You can add personal documents and files to mye-coach, these will be accessible through your 'My Resources' area.

These resources can be associated to a Coaching Programme, at this point they become visible to the Coachee.

File Types 
You can upload files of any type to mye-coach, but it is recommended that the format is 'web friendly'. If you are uploading Microsoft Word documents, you may wish to consider converting them to PDF or RTF formats first as these two formats are more common. Your Coach may not have the newest Microsoft Office...

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