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Email reports provide an overview of all emails that are being sent out via mye-coach. You can view the content of the email and re-send it if necessary. 

The status of an email could be 'Sent', 'Bounced', 'Received','Deferred', 'Rejected' or 'Delivered'. 

Deferred, Bounced and Rejected: 

Emails that have been deferred, bounced or rejected will require manual attention as this means that emails are not reaching the recipient either because: 
- the email address for the recipient is incorrect or invalid; 
- the email relay between mye-coach and the recipient's inbox has 'greylisted' the mye-coach server 

Greylisting email addresses is reasonably common practice with public sector email relays, as the system administrators have to defend against larger-than-average numbers of spam and unwanted emails. If emails from mye-coach are being marked as deferred or rejected, you may need to ask your network systems adminstrator to allow emails from the mye-coach system.  

Sent, Received and Delivered: 

Most emails will probably have a status of 'Sent'. This is because most email relays do not report successful delivery of an email. This may seem strange, but email as a technology was developed as the technical equivalent of sending a letter. When we send a letter, we know it was sent as we were the sender, but we do not truly know the date or time it was delivered, if it was received at all!  

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