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Welcome to your personal home page. 

From here you can see actions that you should take next, things that are waiting for you to action and anything else of interest to you. You can also see your most recent log in information as a security check and can quickly view and access your current visibility settings.

From the main page, you can see a brief overview of your upcoming sessions and any new activity or anything that requires your attention. You can also use the quick link buttons to request coaching or mentoring, ask the community or find a resource. 

The upcoming sessions section displays a list of your scheduled sessions including the session type, the session date and the Coach / Mentor. You can also sync this with your own calendar - click on the 'Calendar Feed' button and follow the instructions on screen, either by clicking on the link for ical/Outlook, or by copying the link provided for other calendar applications and adding it into your other application to subscribe. Note that the calendar feed is a one way sync only, from mye-coach to your calendar. Any changes made in your calendar will not sync back to mye-coach or update your programme / session information.

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